Never a Give Up!

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Where I talk about not giving up on fighting to have all your symptoms checked, and not to let the Drs tell you everything is Functional and leave you to just live with the problems.

If you believe there is definitely something wrong, and you have not had any test or scan for the illness. Then push forward, until you get checked because you just never know unless it’s checked out.

I know, I’ve been fighting for my different symptoms for years because yes even I do not believe everything I have is Functional.

They may continue to say that my diagnosed Dystonia is now suddenly probably Functional Dystonia! 

But suddenly at last, though I’ve been having Botox injections since a Feb 2010 for my Blepharospasm and Hemifacial Spasms, I eventually got checked by my Neuro Consultant and got the go ahead to have Botox in my neck! This was at my last appointment, and it made such an improvement to my head, and my neck was holding up better. Though I am ready for my next injections now!

They may continue to say my seizures are Non Epileptic, though whilst having an eye test by my optician last week say he thought I had Epilepsy from the way I reacted to the test makes me wonder. Along with the radiographer who believed I was an epileptic, after having a seizure during my head and neck MRI scans last year, my partner said I am told I have NEAD but she said that was not like a non epileptic! So I don’t think you always need the electrical EEG test, to diagnose epilepsy if the signs are all there. It is annoying that we are left with the NEAD diagnosis, just because it can’t be caught on screen.

But they can no longer keep saying my back pain, leg, feet, arm and hand pains, or the pins and needles and numbness are Functional. Now I have a printed out report of my MRI scan, plus a copy of the letter referring me to be seen by a Neurosurgeon. I have proof it’s not all Functional, it makes me glad in one way but sad on the other hand as I have some serious back problems.

You can read fully in my blog post, about all my newly found out back problems. Just click the link at the top of the page.

Thanks as always for reading folks, and take care of yourself and your family x

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