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Please take time out to read our new sufferers stories, and catch up on the others.

Other Sufferers Stories

We have many brave people happy to share their stories, to give insight to raise awareness of our rare movement disorder. To help both other sufferers, their families and friends, but also the medical proffessionals that know very little about it too.

We are here to try to get our stories out to the world, to make the world know about Functional Movement Disorder, and what we go through, what it does to us.

We exist through some of the most painful spasms, head pains, difficulty breathing, unable to walk, having memory problems or foggy brains. With aching limbs, inflammed muscles and joints, and many other symptoms.

Living with a chronic pain syndrome, functional dystonia, involuntary muscle spasms, and from all the other medical problems is not easy, which then gives us chronic fatigue. This is a neurological movement disorder, which should be known about as much as MS or Parkinsons, or all the other movement disorders out there.

Please share, and help raise awareness with us during our awareness week.

Many thanks in advance,

Andrea – I am a sufferer!

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