Why am I here?

I am in so much pain, and it is so evident as I can not hide it.
But where is my help?
Where are the loving arms of my partner to come and take over my task?
Where are the loving words from my partner when I am in crippling pain with my back?
Where is the compassion from my partner when I sit on the bed crying from my spasming muscle pains?
Why am I here?
I am a mug!
Where is the help when I need it?
So much expected of me, I don’t know how I keep going, but I do. With no thanks and no care.
I am a mug and I’m tired of it all!
I have feelings and sometimes I just cannot hide them any longer.
The hurt and pain of rejection??? Why???
I know I can get a muddled mind, but why, just why?

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