2018 FND Awareness Day UK!!!

Hi there to everybody who suffers, or looks after someone who suffers with a Functional Movement Disorder, or a family member or friend. Then this is a shout out to ALL OF YOU 😁

Today along with six other organisations and charities, we are doing our best between us to raise as much awareness as possible of FND / FMD / NEAD, and all the symptoms that come with it.

So if I could ask you, the sufferers, the carers, the friends and loved ones. Will you join with us and share everything you can about this disorder, because it needs to be known and understood by more of the medical profession than who knows it at the moment.

You can share anything from this website, any information that can help to teach others will be great. So I thank you in the hope of your help, and remember, you can continue sharing as long as you want. One day for a big information push, but a small push here and there continuing throughout the year will be just as great. 😁👍💕💪

#Voices4FND #Voices4FMD #Voices4NEAD

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