Thank you for your continued support

Thank you to everyone who helped with the awareness day on 25th March 2018. It was a great combined effort from each charity,  and each organisation that joined together. As we all helped to raise the much needed awareness of our Functional Movement Disorder, Functional Neurological Disorder,  and Non Epileptic Attack Disorder. Functional Movement Disorder were very happy to have been part of the teamwork.

As some of you may know, I started this website to help others in  mid 2012 and I held an awareness week each year on the 17th May, as that was the actual date I was diagnosed.

Deciding to let go of my personal feelings and to join with the group as a whole, to push and raise awareness was hard at first, but I am glad I did!

I hope that with your continued support, we will continue over the following years to aim even higher to get awareness of our disorder known by more and more people!

Many thanks, Andrea x

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