Check out the newest personal story, from Colin Cook!

Go check out a new story from a sufferer, who no longer suffers!

Yes you heard me right, Colin Cook has been through a really tough time. Through all the lows, and the desperation of just wishing for a diagnosis so he could start to understand what he had, why, and where to go from there.

This story is really touching, and written so perfectly, that I have not changed one word. This is all Colin’s words, showing how he has fought and come out the other side. He still needs to stay aware of not over doing it, and to rest when needed. But this is a great inspirational story for us all to read, it gives hope that if we can get the right help, then we can get the right life back.

Here is his story:

My Story – Colin Cook

I know we are all different, we suffer many, and different symptoms, but this doesn’t mean that there is not an answer out there for us all, some may just take a bit more time. There is also of course the reasoning behind why we got FMD, and this is individual to each person too. Though if we keep trying, keep going, one day we will all find our door to the way out.

Stay safe, stay strong, and stay fighting 😊

Take care folks, Andrea x


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