Happy 2019

As we all start the New Year of 2019, I would like to wish everyone the very best in both their health and their hopes for the future.

Last year was a big step forward for the growing recognition of Functional Movement Disorder, Functional Neurological Disorder, and Non Epileptic Attack Disorder. Through the joining of groups, charities, and other institutions, between all of us using the same date to make a big push for awareness we created lots of interest about our disorders.

From highlighting the different symptoms, and how patients can suffer from each symptom differently, it brought light to shine on both same suffering and individual suffering.

How some suffer only weakness, some spasms, some seizures, some fatigued, some who suffer a combination of symptoms. There are so many symptoms that sufferers have to live with.

Now there are more people talking to family and friends without feeling on their own.

From all the new and many researches being done, Doctors now talk and are beginning to believe that the disorder is physiological instead of only believing it to be psychological. This has been a major step forward, at last showing the proof from FMRI images which show differences in the brains of people who took part in the research.

We have a lot to thank the participants of these researches for, as well as getting answers for theirselves they also helped to get answers for many others.

From here we can only go forward in this exciting new time. I look forward to a future of hope for new improved treatments, and continued research to make sufferers futures easier.

Take care as always x

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