I now also have the condition named Fibromyalgia, which is where there are a number of pressure points on the body that can set off pain and inflammation. It is incredibly painful and there is limited help offered to cope with it. Again treatment offered is given in tablet form, along with CBT and Physiotherapy.

I had been in such pain last year, my head, neck and back got so much worse I got an emergency appointment to see my doctor. After checking me out, he said there were no signs of anything being wrong. No swelling or anything with my neck or back, which was good news. Though as he checked my notes online, he saw there was a letter from a Rheumatology Specialist I had recently seen at the hospital. After reading up on the information from Rheumatology, he said he was now sure I was having a Fibromyalgia flare up. After reading the last letter she sent, it noted how I have all the 18/18 of the Fibromyalgia pressure points for pain. I struggle a lot especially with my head being foggy which makes me very tired. The neck pain and the pains round my back really bothers me a lot. Trouble is as my doctor discussed and explained, I already take the full amount of pregablin tablets he would have offered. Plus, as I take so many other medications for my other problems, all I can do is keep cooling or putting heat on the areas in pain.

The most annoying thing I find difficult to deal with, is that the causes of why people get Fibromyalgia, actually seem to be very similar to Functional Movement Disorder! It can just start one day, and you learn and to live with it. Though it surprised me that no doctor had thought of this before.

If you think you may possibly suffer from Fibromyalgia then please look after yourself and go see your GP, they will assess you by firstly ruling out other conditions. Then by looking at the criteria, for the diagnosing of Fibromyalgia. Through elimination, and checking of criteria, only then will the diagnosis be given.

Take care of you, as always 😊

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