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After posting how I was eventually diagnosed with Fibromyalgia last year, I have been looking into it more.

I found another poster, which shows more points relating to areas of the body that are impacted by having Fibromyalgia.

Image from Google images.

As you can see from the poster, there are many areas of the body that can get inflammation. It surprised me to see how it can impact on our bodies! I can relate to all of these points, which is even more scary to think about.

I have been ill for years, and you think you cannot get worse. Sadly of course you can, but I try not to think about the underlying problem anymore but try to just get on and work through it. I am disabled and I am not going to become able again, so I have learned to live with my problems. But maybe that’s the problem!?

Even though I cannot walk, and my back problems are not from FMD. The time it took to eventually get the drs to scan my back, must have had an impact on how bad my back has become. If they had not kept saying it was functional, then maybe I would have had my back scanned earlier and there would have been something they could have done, to help it from becoming this bad.

However, back to looking at the problems from Fibromyalgia, maybe we need to insist on looking at each symptom separately. That way we may be able to stay on top of our pains, and cope enough to move on to sort out the next symptom.

I truly do think we need to keep asking our drs to look only at the one problem we have at a time, and not to say it is part of our functional disorder. As by doing this the symptom then can get forgotten, and therefore not helped!

Take care as always folks x

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