Awareness Day 2019!

Hi folks, yes it is coming up to our ‘Awareness Day’ again. This year it is on the 25th of March, and we are going to try and look at how carers help many of us sufferers.

We will look from the view of the sufferer, the way it makes us feel. But we want to know how the carers see it, how do they feel having to care and help us in the many different ways required. We know being cared for isn’t easy, but we also know that being a carer is not easy either. Which is why we want to show thanks to all our carers out there young and old, by bringing them to the forefront this year.

You can show it too by using the hashtag #WeCare4FND or #WeCare4FMD in any posts you make on social media, it is your personal choice but either raise awareness and mean the same.

We hope that some of you would like to share your stories either by writing or short videos. You can send them to or by using the contact page here on the website.

Let’s push ever harder, and grow our awareness folks!

#FNDAwareness #WeCare4FND #FMDAwareness #WeCare4FMD

Thanks for reading and as always, take care folks 👍😊

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