Thank you!

Hello, I just want to say a quick ‘Thank you’ to everybody who helped in raising awareness of our disorder for our awareness day on the 25th March.

But also for the continued help throughout the time period before and after, and the support and help that is on going.

Everyone of you who helped, in anyway way large or small, you are all stars!

We know it is a struggle getting our Functional Movement Disorder to be more known about. For us to try and teach more people about it, and to get the wider awareness out to more and more of our medical professionals.

It may not seem much to some, but I am so very grateful to one and all who have helped in your own small ways.

For anyone who still wishes to send their story, and any photos they wish to go with it you can use the contact page. If you just want to send a few lines of how you cope by yourself to let others know your struggle, you can still use the contact page. Or if you are a carer would like to say how you feel caring for loved ones, what it does to you when struggling to get drs to understand, you can have your say.

We can all help the fight of growing awareness, and how it affects the many lives, not only the sufferer, but those around them. The contact page is there for just that, so contact us any story and we will try to get the much needed awareness raised. Please add if you are happy for your name to be used, or if you want to stay anonymous.

As always I send you all my best wishes, thank you for reading, and I will catch you later folks 😊 XXX.

Working together #WeCare4FND

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