Why does the system take so long?

Why is it you can go and see your Dr who is great, and tells you they will send a referral for your pain injections. Only to find out from a letter two weeks later, that they have referred you to a different hospital, to be seen by a new Consultant, for a new assessment?!

Therefore not getting the injections you are waiting for, and bloody well NEED NOW?!

I went onto the website and looked at the new self-booking process, where it told me the normal wait is 15 weeks for an appointment, yes you read correctly, 15 weeks!

So I decided to ring the phone number and see if this was true.

Was it a new assessment appointment? Yes.

So it wasn’t the pain relief injections I need for my shoulders? No.

Were there any appointments? No.

What happens next? She has put my name on the waiting list, and informed me I should be contacted within the next 2 weeks. That if I am not contacted, to then ring another phone number which she gave me, to see what was happening.

You see, I now have ‘Chronic Bursitis Osteoarthritis’ in both of my shoulders, at the ‘Acromioclavicular joint’. In our bodies we have more than 50 bursae, which are tiny little sacs that give out synovial fluid which helps by making joints and muscles move fluidly. Though if bursitis occurs, then the bursae becomes inflamed, meaning the motion of joints stops moving fluidly, and becomes very painful.

Which also means I struggle walking and getting around. By using my walking sticks they send shock waves up my arms to the shoulder bones, which makes it worse increasing the ‘wear and tear’ and giving more pain. It is a never ending cycle, and will never go away, it is looked after and helped by ‘Ultrasound Guided Injections’. Then as you never know when the injections will wear off, or depending on how much I use my arms, when the pain will start again. This means I am unable to know when to ask for the injections, until I am in crippling pain.

Osteoarthritis runs in my family, which is why I also have ‘Degenerative Disc Disease’ or (DDD), in the lumber area at the base of my spine. It isn’t actually a disease, it is just the name given, so my bones rub together.

Back to the way of how we are now to book our own appointments, seems a bit like a ‘let out clause’. Each time you wait that little bit longer, therefore nudging us along until it gets to the 15 weeks you would have waited in the first place, for an appointment.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think we are very lucky to have our NHS that looks after us. I worked in the NHS so I know the incredible workload everybody that works there has. I experienced it in the 4 years I worked there, until I became ill with ‘Functional Movement Disorder’. It has even been said that the stress of my job, could have been a part of the jigsaw that made me ill. Who knows? 🤷‍♀️

But I question, why should I end up having to ring everywhere, until someone agrees with me. So that they will send a note to the Dr, to refer me to my original Radiology Dept for my injections appointment?!

By which time I am crying, in frustration and pain! 😭😭😭

I just have nothing left, no energy, just pains throughout my body.

Then the medical professionals, and government, question why we get depression. If they went through all the hoops we sufferers have to jump through, they would understand immediately 😐

Thanks for reading folks, and look after yourself and your loved ones xx

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