Not a good day today

I feel so ill today, I haven’t felt this bad for a while. I’ve got bad head pains and my heavy head feeling, and my forehead is hot and sweaty 🥵. I’ve been having problems with breathing and pain on left side of my chest for a while, which is still concerning me.

I was even sent to A&E a few weeks back. My Dr actually rang for the ambulance while I was in my appointment, it was scary. I was taken in the ambulance, where they did more tests for my heart and gave me oxygen. It was a very long day, left for hours on the corridor along with other patients, some on trolleys, some were really old and didn’t know what was happening, they cried out it was awful. By the time I was seen, they decided I could go home because I wasn’t having a breathing attack anymore and my stats were back within limits! I don’t think they hadn’t even had time to get results back for all the blood they took from me?.

So today’s not a good one, I am not doing so well. I have times where my throat spasms and pulls, I don’t know if it’s anything to do with my current breathing issues but something to keep in mind.

But I have had lots of appointments to look into it, and I am reassured by how the NHS have been looking after me.

I woke this morning and really didn’t feel right, I watched television for a while but the noise was hurting my head. I had to give in to my broken brain, and turned it off. My muscles ached, my bones ached, I was weak in my right side through my leg. I am finding my right foot doesn’t move much, not how I’ve asked it to inside my brain. So my broken brain is not sending the correct information again. My movements are not working how my brain is asking. I’ve had this in areas of my body for years, I thought it had settled down that nothing would change anymore. Unfortunately it seems I was wrong, as I seem to be having problems with movements again.

I see my Dr in the morning, not for this problem. They have the results from the MRI scan of my back, so it’s a follow up appointment. I don’t know what happens after?

I saw my Surgeon recently, who has helped look after my back over the years and he has now decided to refer me to The Walton Centre in Liverpool. A very long way to go for an appointment 😟 but they have the Neurosurgeons and other Drs there who can look after me better. They should be able to help me learn to live with my pains and problems. I have no idea how long it will be until I get seen by The Walton Centre but he said he was referring me as urgent, but it could be months! Another waiting game 🥺

I am tired, my left eye is getting worse and I have blurred vision more often. But my left eye aches a lot and I get a painful heavy head, it was one of my first problems and it continues to be an annoyance to me. I find it difficult to read books, and I love to hold a book a physical book in my hands. But I am having to use my iPad or phone more so I can enlarge the fonts, or enlarge the words onscreen. I even forgot at times, and when reading a book or magazine I try to with my fingers to enlarge the page. As soon as my fingers contact I think oh how silly of me! I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this! 😄

Anyway folks thanks for reading as always, and take care x

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