Functional Movement Disorder Awareness Day 25th March 2020

I know you will all be aware that our “Functional Movement Disorder Awareness Day” is on the 25th of this month, I have really been struggling to get into it this year. With being so ill lately and in agony with my back, I struggle just to get up and get through the day. This is alongside everything else I have going on, and I know I’m not the only one.

But good or bad, well or ill, I hope that we do all pull together. By posting on social media as much as you can throughout the day of the 25th of this March, and use the # hashtag # #VOICES4FND #Voices4Fnd #Voices4FND you can hashtag as much as you want!

Let us get people noticing our disorder as much as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinsons.

Did you know that of all the people seen in neurology departments, approximately 50% are now diagnosed as Functional !!! It is pretty shocking when we all know that hardly anyone has heard about our disorder!? How are we not noticed, with our walking sticks, our wheelchairs, our mobility scooters, the people who walk but shake, spasm, or fall and have difficulty getting upright again. But we all KEEP GOING , because we have no other choice. We get up, and we get through another day in any way we can. We need to continually grow awareness, others won’t do it for us

But we are not silent anymore, we are becoming more known about, across the world. This year we are linking up with Australia, they are joining us for the first time to help raise awareness too! The more the merrier, the more posts with hashtags # the better, and the farther our hashtags go the better. #VoicesForFND so get on your phones or your iPads, tablets, laptops or computers, and type away on your keyboards ⌨️ until your finger ends have flames coming off them! 😁

Let’s make good use of Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram LinkedIn and all the other social media sites you can find to use, let’s get our “Functional Movement Disorder Awareness” spread as far and wide as possible!

Let’s make the whole 🌎 world 🌍 aware of our functional disorder! “Functional Neurological Disorder” is the umbrella term under which the other parts come, of which “Functional Movement Disorder” is one, so is “Non Epileptic Attack Disorder” also known as “NEAD”. There are lots of other symptoms, here are a few to give an example of how far and wide this disorder is! “Weakness” “Tremors” “Vision problems” “Memory problems” “Paralysis” “Sensory Disturbances” “Swallowing problems” “Urinary problems” “Spasming” and other “Abnormal Movements”.

Let’s get ourselves on the map! 😁

Thank you all in advance, you are already warriors from fighting #FMD #FND but I wish to thank everyone who does just one post at least, because it could be your post that gets noticed by someone who can really highlight our fight and bring it to the forefront beside MS and Parkinsons.

Thank you all folks, for reading and always going above and beyond, take care X

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