FND shown on BBC2

Hi folks, I just wanted to recommend to everyone if interested, that there is a program on BBC2 tonight at 9pm which is highlighting our FND disorder.

There is a woman brought in to a&e at the Royal Liverpool Hospital after having an unexplained seizure. They tell us that one in nine who present at a&e with seizures, have symptoms of FND, Functional Neurological Disorder.

The Walton Centre is also being shown during the program, the Walton Centre is the only dedicated neuroscience hospital trust. They do an incredible job having over 3000 patients referred to them each year. These patients are referred to their clinics with a condition that presents with unexplained seizures, this condition which is not very well known about is called Functional Neurological Disorder. This is the overall umbrella term which has many symptoms, such as the Functional Movement Disorder (FMD).

FMD is where a patient has movement problems which may include losing the movement in a limb, or unable to raise their arm or a leg, which in turn could make them unable to walk. There are many, many symptoms that come under FND.

The signals in the brains central nervous system seem to have a technical error. Which means the messages to and from the body do not work properly anymore, making the patient move in weird ways. Parts of the body stop working, and patients need a lot of help.

We keep getting told that this is a little known about disorder, yet FND patients make up half of the people seen in neurology departments every year.

Maybe it is eventually getting the notice it deserves. You can watch the program “Hospital” tonight at 9pm, or you can always watch it on catch up.

I hope it helps people to get their family and friends to watch and learn a little more about the disorder too. We all need them every day to help us, and understanding why it happens makes it easier to understand what the patient is gong through.

Hopefully with better knowledge there can be better therapy put in place to help patients, which in turn help reduce time spent on patients doing tests not needed. This could save money for hospitals as well.

Thanks for reading as always folks, I hope you enjoy the program. 😊👍 x

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