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Other Sufferers Stories


Hello and welcome, this page will have the dropdown links to the stories of some people brave enough to share, who suffer from Functional Movement Disorder.

As this disorder has so many symptoms, which include many that overlap with other Movement Disorders. You will therefore find that some, only speak about certain symptoms they suffer from. Others will give more informative stories, and some may only want to add a line or two.

Some people are happy to show their names, others wish to remain anonymous, but we are all real sufferers.

We hope that from sharing our stories with the public, that this grows more awareness for our little known about disorder.

In turn we hope that you will share the page to your Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and the many other social platforms out there to spread our awareness even wider.

We thank you in advance for reading, understanding, and hopefully caring enough to share 🙂



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My Story – Ian

What I find distressing, is that no one seems to understand what you have, and all I get is “it’s all in the head”. I find it even more strange that they have never done an MRI scan, as MS runs in my family. Some of the people have been really rude, and funny if …

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My Story – Jenny

Jenny was diagnosed as a child, receiving regular psychiatry and psychology appointments aged 18 -19. Then she was signed off because she was no longer a child. The symptoms were restricted to shaking, temporary paralysis of any limb and loss of sight. Despite everything she was going through, including being told by college that she …

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My Story – Kerry

My name is Kerry Halk and I am 34 years old. This is the story of my journey with Functional Movement Disorder. My symptoms began late February in 2014. Prior to this I have had a history of seizures when I was younger, In addition to a lengthy history including major depressive disorder, Anxiety, ADD, …

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My Story – Kristee Park

My symptoms started 11 years ago. It started with a kidney infection that seemed to move every part of my body. My back hurt so bad I had to be helped up, so they had my kidneys looked at, showed nothing. Then the abdominal and throat pain started, CT and Oesophagus test showed nothing. Migraines …

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My Story – Linda Cerva

My story…. In March of 2003, I was scheduled to have surgery only to remove small fibroids from my uterus. During the surgery the gynecologist found a football size fibroid attached to the back of my uterus embedded in my spine. In stead of having a neurologist look at the football size fibroid embedded in …

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My Story – Mindy J. Anderson Smart

I live in Tennessee, USA. I was diagnosed with FMD in my mouth and jaw last March. This onset caused Dystonia in my neck. Vanderbilt hospital recommended I try Fraizer Rehab in Louisville Kentucky, the program is based on the Mayo Clinic’s. I spent one week with intensive speech, OT, PT, & psychological therapy. By …

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My Story – Sally-anne Gough

Back in 2011 I started to notice I was suffering with an unusual, unexplained feeling in my throat when swallowing which I was seen by the Ear Nose and Throat specialist but again no diagnosis. This was the start of my health problems. 2012 I suffered with extreme cramp from ankle to buttock, which was …

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My Story – Sherry Fox

I have the tremors RIGHT NOW.. it has been the worst 15 months of my life, since first going through all my ailments in 2008 and I did not get diagnose until 2010, at the time they called it Conversion Disorder, AKA FMD or FND.  I have a long list of symptoms. not sure which …

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My Story – Mark Blackler

Hi I was diagnosed with unexplained Body Distress Syndrome, after a severe allergic reaction to a prescribed medicine. It has affected the use of my left side of my body, but mostly my leg, where on bad days I cannot walk properly. What is so difficult is that my brain “switches on and off” at …

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My Story – Trudy

I have FMD also, I was lucky enough to go to Mayo in Rochester Mn where they have a program for FMD. They taught me how to walk, read, write and stay still again and control my seizures. It was totally amazing. I do still have attacks but I was out of work for 7 …

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My Story – Hayley D

I went 3 years without having a diagnosis for Functional Neurological Disorder. I have a loaded family history, which explains my predisposition to this disorder. My mother’s side has OCD, my brother had Tourette’s, and my father’s side has anxiety and depression. I inherited all of the above- OCD, a movement disorder, and the mental …

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My Story – Tina

Hi, I am thankful for finding your site. I was diagnosed with FMD in 4/13 and have been on a roller coaster ride since….. I was just diagnosed with Functional Dystonia in my right foot also. I have not had a good experience with therapists and I am so confused about so many things. Any …

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My Story – Daniel Sarper

Hi Folks, I clicked this on in the “Beat Dystonia” site. I’m real low I talk with people by email or phone. A real quick summary: I’ve been in remission from spasmodic torticollis(cervical dystonia) for about 34 years. I am NOT cured. I doubt I ever will be. What I mean by that is, …

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My Story – Mary

Hi… Yes I have Functional Movement Disorder and it was only diagnosed in past 3 years yet went to many different doctors for help to me before that with symptoms with possible Dystonia. The Dr. I go now told me to check out “ ” which has abundant info. Today was a good day. Most …

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My Story – Wendy

I was diagnosed with Functional Movement Disorder this year in June. I have had symptoms for three years without a diagnoses! Unfortunately as you know mainstream medicine can’t help us so I went and saw a Homeopath. She has prescribed me with a remedy that helps to control my involuntary leg, arm and neck movements …

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My Story – Anonymous

This is my story. My FMD was triggered by my past. I was sexually and physically abused in my childhood, from the age of 9 to 20 or so. (They are no longer a threat to me or anyone else.) The worse were the first abusers and then it got better but I was still …

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My Story – James Thompson

Hi, I tried Gabapentin and it made me feel spaced out so I stopped taking it. I find the only drug that helps is Mirtazapine, 60mg. It doesn’t stop the involuntary movements but it takes the edge off of them! I have seen many neurologists and a neuro-psychiatrist and am currently seeing a Rehabilitation specialist. …

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My Story – C

I first realised that something wasn’t quite right with regards to my health on 5th November 2013. Whilst out for dinner I began to feel unwell. Despite having had only one glass of wine I felt drunk. I awoke from my sleep later that night with severe convulsions, so violent that my body repeatedly and …

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My Story – Faith

Hi! My name is Faith. I’m 17 and was diagnosed in early February. It started with my muscles clenching up and it being very hard fro me to breathe. No one believed what was happening to me. The first doctor I went to thought I was making it up. My Dad turned to me while …

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Here are 3 stories through the eyes of a Dr – A Must Read :) By Suzanne O’Sullivan I was a junior doctor when I encountered Yvonne. She was 40 and worked in a supermarket. One Tuesday she was reorganising produce in a refrigerated unit while a colleague cleaned the glass. Yvonne turned to talk to her just as she released a small spray of window cleaner. Yvonne felt the …

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