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My Story – Mark Blackler

Hi I was diagnosed with unexplained Body Distress Syndrome, after a severe allergic reaction to a prescribed medicine. It has affected the use of my left side of my body, but mostly my leg, where on bad days I cannot walk properly. What is so difficult is that my brain “switches on and off” at random making life very difficult.

They believe it was Pregabalin, a strong painkiller for a shoulder problem. After taking one small dose tablet the night before, I ended up in resus in a&e the following morning as my whole body was moving involuntarily and I was finding hard to breath. Apparently I was also as high as a kite, not that I really remember much about it.

I came to terms with the disorder until I had a 3 week period about 2 months ago where I was “normal”, since then its been on/off, which I find harder to deal with as it is totally random and as Im a sports coach some days its hard and I have to use a wheelchair.

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