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My Story – Mary


Yes I have Functional Movement Disorder and it was only diagnosed in past 3 years yet went to many different doctors for help to me before that with symptoms with possible Dystonia. The Dr. I go now told me to check out “ ” which has abundant info.

Today was a good day. Most days very painful. Can no longer walk for long and usually walk with walking poles.
At times my head, legs, eyes, neck, hands, arms shake, eyes shut tightly, facial moves and clicking of tongue. uncontrollably which makes me very tired.

The longest time with no shaking was approx 5 months which felt like I was in heaven. It came back as it was mimicking I had a seizure and unfortunately there are few MD’s who know about this disorder.

I have different tricks that I use to help me with this painful illness and thank God I have the gift of being honest, doing what I need to do, asking for help.

My balance is poor yet that can be caused by heart medication I take and have a Pacemaker. I was diagnosed with Epilepsy over 13 years ago yet I believe I may have this illness and am working with Drs in this and hopefully can come off Dilantin.

At present I am using mindfulness breathing which my Dr also recommended and it does help at times I have a lot to be greatful for and my positive attitude helps me too…..thank you for being here…love, Mary

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