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My Story – Wendy

I was diagnosed with Functional Movement Disorder this year in June. I have had symptoms for three years without a diagnoses!

Unfortunately as you know mainstream medicine can’t help us so I went and saw a Homeopath. She has prescribed me with a remedy that helps to control my involuntary leg, arm and neck movements and gait problems (I have many more symptoms but these are the main ones). I have had very positive results.

Though I still have occasional involuntary movements and gait problems they are nowhere near as bad or do they last for as long.

I too have had the 5 hr or longer involuntary leg movements. I highly recommend looking for a reputable Homeopath and writing down all your symptoms and emailing them before you see them.

My email was quite lengthy (as I have multiple health issues) and my homeopath was very grateful as she could research before I went in.

I agree with you, I don’t know how talking therapy can help. I think personally it would be a waste of money (it has been for me in the past). Maybe look into kinesiology and sand tray therapy and I’ve found them much better.

I will choose mainstream medicine first but if there is no help from them I will go to alternative medicine.

Good luck. Functional Movement Disorder is hard to live with everyday as it effects you in so many ways.

Kind regards, Wendy

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