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My Story – Faith


My name is Faith. I’m 17 and was diagnosed in early February.

It started with my muscles clenching up and it being very hard fro me to breathe. No one believed what was happening to me.

The first doctor I went to thought I was making it up.

My Dad turned to me while I was having an episode and told me to get over myself. He’s still not convinced that I’m not making this up.

It started being more visible, my muscles would clench up and my body would start to shake. After these episodes I would be completely drained.
I was shuttled around to many different doctors, one who kept saying, “no idea, come back in a few weeks.”

All of this was happening while I was tying to live out my last year of high school as my symptoms got worse.

Finally, I saw a movement disorder specialist who diagnosed me with a Functional Movement Disorder. We have no idea what caused it. He doesn’t think it was psychological.

It’s something I have to struggle with every day. After I was diagnosed, I didn’t think about it, as if ignoring it would make it go away.

Things have been happening recently that made me realize that I can’t run from it, which is how I found this site.

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