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This page will include drop down links, to any interesting informational podcasts I come across. That I feel may be of interest to others.

Hope you find some of them interesting 🙂

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JNNP Functional Neurological Movement Disorder – diagnosing and treating the symptoms (Podcast)

Here is a Podcast on Functional Neurological Movement Disorder about diagnosing and treating the symptoms, by the top consultants in the UK. It is a JNNP podcast. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry with practical neurology. The talk includes amongst others, Dr Jon Stone from Edinburgh and Dr Mark Edwards from London. These are the …

The Royal Society – Engaging and educating with science (Podcast)

This month’s (May 2014) podcast is all about public engagement and science education. It features a conversation with Bill Bryson and why he was drawn into science, interviews with Royal Society Research Fellows attending their bi-annual get-together, insights into creativity in science and why scientists should engage with the public, as well as expert educators …

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