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My Story – Linda Cerva

My story…. In March of 2003, I was scheduled to have surgery only to remove small fibroids from my uterus. During the surgery the gynecologist found a football size fibroid attached to the back of my uterus embedded in my spine. In stead of having a neurologist look at the football size fibroid embedded in my spine before cutting it out I believe it would have cost me some damage. But the gynecologist did not do it.

The gynecologist cut the football size fibroid out also doing a surgical hysterectomy and severed nerves in my spine. By damaging the nerves in my spine I also have problems swallowing. I was on baby food for a year because I could not eat nor chew food.

Three weeks after the surgery I started having jerking movements and ended up with chronic spinal pain and a involuntary movement disorder. I was placed in a wheelchair for 2 1/2 years. I could not walk because I had severe chronic pain from my neck down my entire spine. The gynecologist did a lot of damage to me. I still have surgical clips on the right side of my body. I later had surgery in 2004 by another gynecologist to try to fix the damage. I was still having complications and later went to the national institute of health in Bethesda, Maryland. The doctors there diagnosed me with Functional Movement Disorder in 2005. I still have chronic spinal pain and my entire body would jerk alone with all the nerves in my body would go numb and I would fall on the floor. I also had a in home care person to take care of me. I could not wash my own body. I was in terrible shape.

Before the surgery I had a great job as a paralegal and I was married. I lost my job and my husband wanted a divorce. Plus during the surgery they did a surgical hysterectomy which I never agreed to have. My life was destroyed and I ended up in counseling for 2 years. It hurt me really bad not being able to have kids.

From 2006 to 2015 the seizures calm down. I still had to go to the doctor once a month for all those years. Just late December 2015 I had 8 seizures in one day. The seizures have come back strong and I’m back confined home and limited at life. My doctor wants me to move to an assisted living facility. What I don’t understand after all these years my doctor did not have a medication to recommend to calm the seizures. I saw two neurologist to see if they could recommend something for the seizures. Nothing they gave me worked. Valium seems to be the only thing to work for me.


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