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Psychology Sessions


This page will link to the sessions I have with my Neurology Psychologist:

  • What happens and my thought processes, as I travel through my journey of treatment.
  • Hopefully some good advice to pass on, or at least some small enlightenment of the process of helping to fix the brain.


  • I have never suffered a brain injury.
  • I have never been molested.
  • I have never been mistreated.
  • I have never as far as we can tell had a reason for my brain to break. *
  • Since having my 1st Treatment Session, it seems apparent that my past does give reasons for my brain to break!

A Functional Movement Disorder, is where the bodies Central Nervous System has a break down and stops sending the signals to and from the brain to move properly any more. Causing the body in all areas including the head to have Sporadic, Spasmodic, and Dystonic, Involuntary Spasms and Movements.

Giving incredible pains, and twisting of the bodies muscles.

Making a person become disabled with functioning movement issues, sometimes along with walking and mobility problems.

It can also include Dissociative episodes, with Non-Epileptic Seizures and / or Non-Epileptic Attacks.

I have all the above problems, and am now Registered Disabled.

I have been told that following the Assessment Session, there are usually six sessions of treatment separated approximately by a month. It doesn’t sound a lot to do so much to improve my movements, but I am trying to stay open-minded to what the outcome will be.

NOTE: My Psychological Treatment Sessions, are totally based on my personal experience and thoughts only.

Another persons treatment journey and outcome, will be dependant upon their individual circumstances.


  1. Psychology Assessment Appointment
  • 1st Psychology Treatment Session

  • 2nd Psychology Treatment Session

  • 3rd Psychology Treatment Session

  • 4th Psychology Treatment Session

  • I had to stop writing about my psychology sessions, as they all became way too personal and hard to talk about, never mind write about.

    I eventually had 8 sessions in Leeds, and I thank my Psychologist for the help and time he gave to me.

    I am now under a new Neuro Psychologist in Manchester, and he is great. I feel I am really moving forward with my sessions, and so far I seem to have fewer seizures fingers crossed. I have a few more sessions to go, and hope that some good comes of it all.

    I would have to agree now, that Talking Therapy can help especially with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which I got from both my divorce and job stress. I have to say my Psychology sessions have really helped me, although I will not get rid of all my weird movements as I have had them too long. I do feel better in myself, and am learning to live alongside my Functional Movement Disorder.

    I hope the few sessions I felt able to write about, helped a few people at least.
    Thanks for reading.

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    Psychology Assessment Appointment

    My Psychology Assessment appointment, was arranged following my Neurology Consultant diagnosing me with my Functional Movement Disorder. Functional Movement Disorder cannot be treated with just tablets or other medications, the patient needs to be seen for assessment by a Neuro Psychologist as this is a Neurological Disorder. The assessment is done over a time length …

    1st Psychology Treatment Session

    In my first treatment session, I really didn’t know what to expect. As in my assessment I had already gone through an outline of what my problems were, and all the symptoms I was going through. So I waited with trepidation, but still with an open mind that I would go with the flow and …

    2nd Psychology Treatment Session

    On the day of my Second Neuro Psychology Treatment Session, I have to admit I was a bit nervous. This time I was going to be talking through my past few years, and the stress element I had felt for each of them. It was in actual fact a lot more involved than that, as …

    3rd Psychology Treatment Session

    In my 3rd Psychology Treatment Session, I expected to be carrying on talking through the stress scales I had given for the years we had not got through in my previous session. So that would have been the years 2010 (the start of my worst years) to November 2012. Only when I got in and …

    4th Psychology Treatment Session

    In my 4th Psychology Session, it was not that much dissimilar to my previous sessions. We sat down, and talked. It seems that from my reading up, and actually going through these sessions. That Psychology is all about “Talking Therapy”, so therefore there is a lot of talking involved. Below is a clip taken from …

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