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Psychology Assessment Appointment

My Psychology Assessment appointment, was arranged following my Neurology Consultant diagnosing me with my Functional Movement Disorder.

Functional Movement Disorder cannot be treated with just tablets or other medications, the patient needs to be seen for assessment by a Neuro Psychologist as this is a Neurological Disorder.

The assessment is done over a time length of an hour, or supposed to be. Mine was actually one hour and twenty minutes.

It consists of you talking and telling the Neuro Psychologist, everything that is problematic for you. What movement problems you have, and how it effects any aspect of your life. You have to be very open and honest, no holding back.

It can be hard to think of everything you want to say, so write a few notes for yourself to help guide you when you get stuck.

The Psychologist will ask about your feelings, how this impacts on your movements and of course which leads into the impact on your life. Home life and work life, and if you have hobbies etc so if it impacts on those too. The level of impact, what you can and cannot do.

At the end of what seems like telling your life story, I was asked to self assess my mood to a set if questions he gave me on a sheet of paper.

This is then used to place your mood on what they call, “The Wimbledon Scale”. It says where about you are in the scale, if you have anxiety or are depressed.

The link below will send you to a web page that gives an explanation of “The Wimbledon Scale”. It does not give the questions, just a short explanation of how it is used to show a patients mood.

Just click on the link below:

The Wimbledon Scale Information

The Neuro Psychologist will check this AFTER your appointment, he then sends his report to your Neurology Consultant.

Mine showed I was near the top level, for both Anxiety and Depression. My Neuro Psychologist wrote in his report, that he diagnosed with Clinical Anxiety and Clinical Depression.

This did not surprise me in the least, but as I said I believe both my anxiety and depression come from having my condition.

At the end of the assessment session, I was asked if I was open to going on with the appointments. If I felt they could be a help to me, as the choice is yours there is no forcing you to have them.

I of course said yes, to which I was informed the wait for the appointments was long one. I was told to expect the appointment for approximately 10 to 16 weeks.

The assessment ended, and I was told to expect the appointment in the post.

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