This page is for any information I find, that I think is interesting, or may be useful to share 🙂

Here is a link very useful for any back and spine sufferers, like myself –
Blood test information –
Bacterial threat to modern medicine –
Foot massaging benefit points –

Antiphospholipid Blood Test

I was checked for this Antiphospholipid blood test , right at the beginning of my becoming ill. It came back clear, but I fit it in many ways but not all. For anyone interested in reading more, here is a link to information regarding the testing and how it effects the body’s’ autoimmune system. …

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Battling the bacterial threat to modern medicine

Klebsiella pneumoniae’s double cell wall means it is resistant to many antibiotics. Here is a link to the BBC News health site by Susan Watts Newsnight Science editor, BBC News Watch Susan Watts’ full report on the fight against drug resistant bacteria. This story gives a scary insight into how bacteria is growing and …

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Did You Know? – Neuro Plasticity…

The Brain is made up of a Hundred Billion Neurons? All those neurons fire chemical responses to one another, sending requests for all our body movements. The brain is the most fascinating part of the body, the one part we will probably never ever fully understand. Functional Movement Disorder, is one of the one things …

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Foot Massaging

Hi folks, I found this and thought it might be useful to some of you. Personally I love having my feet massaged, and find it extremely relaxing. This image shows the different areas to massage, to help and heal different parts of the body. Well I hope it helps someone, I have a headache so …

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Gabapentin Tablets May Be My Problem!

I really haven’t been feeling right lately, my head with the extra non epileptic attacks are making me feel very down. They come with so much dizziness, heavy headed and sickness. I also get ear ache with it too, as if the whole of the left side of my head is full of pressure. It …

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Informational Podcasts

This page will include drop down links, to any interesting informational podcasts I come across. That I feel may be of interest to others. Hope you find some of them interesting 🙂

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Interesting Medical Papers & Information

This page will show drop down links to the medical posts, research pages, leaflets etc. That I have found and want to share with everyone else. Be aware that some are upsetting, especially the papers talking about the Doctors ways they are to treat us. To not acknowledge our problems, to dissuade us from looking …

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Migraines – Not Just A Headache!

This is a link I found on my twitter feed, never underestimate the good use of “Social Media” 🙂 We all think that migraines are just another name for a headache, or a slightly worse headache. Well how wrong you can be, never judge without having the full information. I have a disorder which can …

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Question & Answers To Dr Tom Warener re: Dystonia

Here is a link to The Dystonia Society website, that has the link to Dr Tom Warner.    He has very kindly answers lots of questions, and gives great answers in an understandable way. Here is the question list, and time points you will find them.    I hope this will help some people …

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Stress – is it a main contributary factor?

Stress can have a massive impact on both a persons brain and body, I sufferer from a condition called Functional Movement Disorder. This is a psychogenic neurological disorder, caused by past build up of life stresses that at a certain point made my brain in effect suddenly have a disconnection of the central nervous system. …

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The Autonomic Nervous System

We are not aware of the vast amounts of nervous system activity that occur below the brain’s level of consciousness. Such activity is mainly the province of the ANS (along with the enteric division, which controls most of the abdominal organs, chiefly the stomach and intestines). We can think of the ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) …

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The Broken Brain

Some Doctors who are still uneducated in this disorder, will try to tell you that it’s in your head! Well the head holds our brain which is the engine that works the body, tells the heart to pump blood, the lungs to breathe etc. But we also have a mind, which processes our emotions and …

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The Central Nervous System

This is an amazing photo of the Central Nervous System. This shows how the nervous system goes to every part of the body, then it is easier to understand how the pain is transferred from the brain to the relevant body part. It makes it just slightly easier to understand my Functional Movement Disorder, which …

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