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Antiphospholipid Blood Test

I was checked for this Antiphospholipid blood test , right at the beginning of my becoming ill. It came back clear, but I fit it in many ways but not all.

For anyone interested in reading more, here is a link to information regarding the testing and how it effects the body’s’ autoimmune system.

It makes for interesting reading, and when I had my test done I was a bit scared as I had no idea what they were looking for.
So if any one is going for this test, this will give you an advance insight.
Apparently it can cause blood clots, therefore giving strokes. Or the clots catching in areas of the body, such as the calf (where I get a lot of pain). Also making the body have weird movements, oh it all sounds so familiar.

So I am lucky (or am I?) as I do not have this as my test showed. So I am stuck with my weird movements, from my Functional Movement Disorder. A neurological disorder effecting my central nervous system.

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