What Is Functional Movement Disorder?

There in lies a very good question!

Functional Movement Disorder, makes a person’s body stop functioning at a normal level. It can include many areas of the body movements, or only one area.

It is a very confusing and misunderstood condition, and also seems that it is not even widely known about in the medical profession.
My own initial GP Doctor, had to Google the condition to find out what it was I had been told was my diagnosis. My new GP Doctor does know what the condition is, but did make the big mistake of saying “It’s in the head”. This didn’t go down very well with me, but luckily I already have a good understanding of what this condition entails, the where’s and the whys.

I am quite sure that for a person of lesser knowledge, would immediately jump to the conclusion that it is a “Mental” condition, but don’t worry is isn’t. Although it is to do with the head, it is the brain not the mind that is broken.

In fact it is a break down of the Central Nervous System, which has at some point had a disconnection. Meaning the brain can no longer send or receive signals correctly to or from the body, for the persons movements.

This means that the person can have odd postures, involuntary muscle spasms, unexplained pains, non-epileptics attacks or seizures, and some patients may end up with some form of disability. It seems to mostly affect one side of the body, leaving the side weakened. It can affect some other areas in some patients, there are a few who have dual sided weakness.
There are many conditions that this disorder has, which will be more thoroughly explained in another page.

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Functional Movement Disorder – Starting To Be Explained

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