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This page will show drop down links to the medical posts, research pages, leaflets etc. That I have found and want to share with everyone else.

Be aware that some are upsetting, especially the papers talking about the Doctors ways they are to treat us. To not acknowledge our problems, to dissuade us from looking into what we have.

They believe we need to just ignore all our spasms and pains, the weird movements, the seizures and fits. The attacks where we end up on our knees, on our backs, screaming out in agonising pains.

The red hot poker pains through our heads, from chemicals not firing across the neurons properly. The central nervous system where it has had a disconnection, so makes our brains send signals incorrectly.

That we are to ignore it all and just try to get on with a normal life, some left without being prescribed medications. Not being referred on to a Psychologist for “Talking Therapy“.

Well I’m sorry but that’s not me, I needed to know what I had and why.

My research continues….

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Information Leaflets

Here are some PDF leaflets, that I hope may be of interest and help to others. Employment and Support Allowance Advice Sheet – Employment and Support Allowance Advice sheet Updated NHS: Ask The Right Questions PDF – nhs ask the right questions Somatic Body Distress Symptoms Somatic Body Distress Symtoms Two crazy facts about the …

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