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It’s early days, but we do have two videos posted for our “2018 FND Awareness Day UK!

We were honoured to post both of them, as they are great both in their own ways in how they get across the message about FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT DISORDER and FND.

Functional Sufferers YouTube Channel

That the disorder needs to be now seen and categoriesd up with MS and Parkinsons, this is a real neurological problem and needs to be treated as such.

Instead of us just being left to cope! There needs to be something more, something better set in place to try and keep sufferers pushing themselves. The hospitals could do meet up groups of sufferers in the hospital, how great would that be not to feel so alone in all the agony of painful movements. Plus those that have become disabled, how great to feel a part of the real world! From these meet ups the neurology consultants could learn a lot, watching the interaction showing that sufferers don’t want to be left behind. Medical professionals of different types could learn from these groups. Psychologists, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, and of course the neurology consultants. It would be a type of experiment, that would hopefully take sufferers out of depression at least.

I will look and try to get more videos posted in time, but for now please feel free to watch and share 👍😊

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